wowcher first time buyer discount

We all have, and it works well for them.
And this is especially true if your product is something that your customer might only order twice a year - will she still remember where that coupon is after six months?
If it is consumable, do they follow up with previous customers in a couple months time to remind them of their products and see if it is time to reorder?Amazon doesn't offer first time buyer discounts, but they instead offer discounts on their products regardless of whether you are a first time customer or someone who has placed fifty previous orders.She could decide to shop elsewhere - and find a similar business that has what she wants at a lower price (maybe not as gift voucher poster low as with the first order discount, but still lower than the prices without the discount) and order from them instead.What is the reasoning for offering this first order discount?New members will automatically be emailed a voucher for 5 off a 30 spend in store, so it's definitely worth joining if you're planning to make a purchase.If youre keen to be adventurous and try something different, get a head start with a Wowcher voucher code.She could be miffed how to win a demolition derby when she goes back to your site, remembering the great pricing she received, wine delivery gift then sees she was only able to get that great pricing for a first order.If you wonder, place an order yourself (or have a friend place one for you) so you can see.But this tactic also brings about some interesting questions.
It is much easier (and cost effective) to keep repeat customers than it is to find new ones.Offer free shipping on all orders over a certain percentage.Many use it to bring new business to their site.This is another trick Amazon uses.And also take a look at what your competitors offer, particularly those with a larger market share.Do they offer a first time discount?This is primarily a tactic I see used for those with web-based businesses.You can get some really great offers on a whole range of products and activities including attraction tickets, sporting events, experience days, meals at up-and-coming restaurants, dental examinations, and more.