workout gift basket ideas

Additional ideas for Marathon / Long distance gifts for runners Petroleum jell - a low cost yet practical gift costco amex rewards for runners.
Check out these ten gift basket ideas for a special and unique present for any occasion, listed from most budget friendly to most luxurious.
Running waist pack - for carrying gear (water, cell phone, gel packs, MP, money etc) during workout.This amazing set includes a few products such as lotion and soap in a comforting honey vanilla scent along with a massage tool, slippers, and a wicker storage basket.Head lamp - for outdoor night runners who run on the countryside at night.These are great gifts for runners especially if your recipient is training for a competition.A few flavors of Ghirardelli chocolate are included as well, so the recipient can indulge in some rich treats.Two very unpleasant conditions runners want to avoid.This blogger even offers free downloadable labels to make your gift look just as good as hers.Lock - for gym locker if your recipient runs in the gym.
Wrap up your gifts in a bark-covered bin.
Book about running - a classic gift for runners.So the tray can be displayed and shared with everyone as thanks for a job well done.Pick one gift or put together a gift basket with some or all of the below great gift ideas.Reflective gear - for any outdoor activity.Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift Basket.The 6-quart snack bin is reusable to hold the recipients essentials.