I personally like the Windows 10 Start menu (although Id like it even more if it had collapsible groups and jump lists on the tiles).
This will have the Taskbar functionality and the full-screen Start menu.
One of the applications that enables a user to change the look salty dog gift shop of their Windows is Classic Shell.To give your Windows 10 an XP look you would need to download.Even after the release of Windows 8/8.1 and 10 a lot of people did not want to upgrade to the newer version because They look different.Nally, you need to change a few color settings.In your Start Menu type Classic Start Menu click Classic Start Menu Settings open Settings for Classic Start Menu go to Skin select Windows Aero customize the settings as you like.If you want to get back to that dialog box, right-click the Start button and select.
While in the personalization menu, navigate to Themes from the navigation menu on the left.
The changed look opened the doors for developers to start working on applications that will change the look of your operating system, not just the theme, but the look of everything.From there, you will see a Choose file option go to the folder where you have extracted the contents of the XP suite archive choose the xp_bg file.Things started to change a few years ago, when Microsoft decided to drop mainstream support for Windows.Xt, you need to change the start icon.This effectively opens all program options.To remove Cortana from your taskbar you need to right click on the icon or bar, navigate to the Cortana menu and click on hidden other feature not present on Windows 7 is the notification or action center.

They do, getting used to a new layout takes time, so a lot of users decided to sacrifice all the new features that the newer versions of Windows offered so that they can continue using the good old 7-style look.
While in the same program, go to the Taskbar tab - check Customize Taskbar option Taskbar texture ellipse button.
The program is free, but the website encourages donationsa nice gesture if you appreciate the product.