win won won

Tom didn't win the prize.
They played well, but they didn't win.
Ken beat me at chess.How does it feel to have won the gold medal?She won 160 on the lottery.She will win She wont win Will it win?You can win money in Las Vegas.I will win I wont win Will he win?You won 'cause I let you win.Win easily / handily / decisively, t to succeed in getting something that other people, organizations, etc.
Win an argument/battle Graves 90s bar crawl san diego promo code won the battle for control of the organization.
Her courage won her many friends and admirers.
He was paramount voucher code happy to get the win.Her book won the Pulitzer Prize.We've had two wins so far this season.They won him to their side.You won our "Eat and Win " contest.Are competing : If she scores the next point, she'll have won.The boxer won the match by knockout.Therefore, we all must be recognized as survivors of these obstacles to gender equality and as soldiers who still have a war to win, even though some major battles have been won.Tom likes to win.Honesty won him much praise.

I don't win, does he win?
He wanted to win their sympathy.
If after that the result is a win for the selected team, the bet is considered to be won.