Other improvements include better performance, new video playback settings, and battery life enhancements.
Continuing an apparent trend with new Windows 10 updates, Microsoft has done some more fiddling around with the Start menu and Action Center.
Some of us prefer using a traditional keyboard and mouse; others prefer the more modern approach of touch and pen.
There's also a pretty healthy library of extensions too, with big ones such as Grammarly and 1Password now available.When in a text field, hitting the Windows key and period button (.) will pop up a dedicated panel where you can select emojis.For those who use Windows with touch, there are improvements worthy of note here too.Pen users can now also scroll web pages and lists within Windows without needing to grab the scrollbar first.Windows Mixed Reality is my favorite and most exciting part of the Fall Creators Update.In this update, the two major new design elements to keep an eye out for are "Acrylic" elements and "Reveal" effects.I'm very excited to see the return of OneDrive cloud-files in Windows 10, and I encourage everyone to try it out when you upgrade to the Fall Creators Update.There are a few different options to choose from, including a fully automated mode that will throw your clips and photos together for you, time it with some music and render it all out in just a few clicks.Microsoft thinks the future of computing is VR and AR, and that's incredibly exciting.
You can now also pin websites directly to the taskbar like win 7 64 iso you could with Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome.In regards to the Action Center, I don't mind the new design.This is the nature of Windows as a Service, and it's something enthusiasts are going to have to get used.Microsoft has also made american eagle outfitters uk promo code several improvements to how Windows Update behaves.It's still missing some much-needed functions such as being able to select multiple tiles at once, but the improvements made to the Start menu in the Fall Creators Update are welcome.