Download link: Android iOS The number of apps jumping on this trend is growing all the time, and this list doesnt even count the genres runaway popularity in China.
Jamieson started The Q after realizing that his video streaming service could provide better quality than HQs.
These apps are unlikely to make you rich, but if you have a who sells weathertech gift cards few minutes to spare and a head for trivia, you dont have much to lose by giving them a try!
Mostly, theyre coming from existing companies that saw a good, potentially profitable idea with low startup costs and decided to jump on board.Answering questions and being knowledable for fun and profit is a fundamentally human pastime, from game shows to board games to bar quizzes.Who made it: HQ, the app that started this whole trend, rbc rewards gold visa travel insurance comes from.To make a short story shorter, new paid trivia apps have been popping up semi-regularly since HQ launched.Here are a few more up-and-coming apps to try out.Quezztion Real Money Trivia, quezztion Real Money Trivia, skills!Who made it: is a streaming platform similar to Twitch and is in turn owned.
My first big issue with this game is that the app absolutely cannot keep up with the number of players.
One is much bigger than the other.
Clearly, free money is a great marketing strategy, but it also raises a few questions.No one can purchase Diamonds, Gems, Tokens etc.(And yes, they all pay.) There is no telling how long this trend will last, which apps will stick around for the long haul, or whether this is the beginning of a secret plot to take over the world.There are some geographical concerns, so be sure to check into what states allow you to deposit.Like Fleet Wit, Quezztion Real Money Trivia requires a buy-in, which you then use to enter tournaments.