Daenerys Targaryen is pretty much our Game of Thrones Bernie Sanders.
15 She Lacks Military Experience, although military experience probably isnt a necessity in Westeros, it cant hurt.
2 books.A wimpy teenager with no experience whatsoever who should have stayed a minor character anyway.It's possible rbc rewards gold visa travel insurance that he can bring Dorne or the Reach to his side, possibly with marriage packs.She wants to make the places she rules over better for list minute win games instructions those who live there, but her decisions have unintended consequences that she never considers.Aegon (legitimate or not) has a chance.Unfortunately, Daeneryss talent for conquering did not extend to ruling.Daenerys Targaryen put on the map Game of Thrones character movements.
Meereen is designed as a test run for Daenerys.
She then goes to the House of the Undying not knowing what the fuck was gonna happen.Sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesnt.If theres anything we know about Jon Snow, its that hes enormously respectful.7 She'll Be Seen as a Conqueror.Dany may have a strong claim to that title, but she certainly doesnt have complete ownership of it - at least not yet.Her virtues are many, but they arent enough to make her a worthy ruler for the seven kingdoms.Like, at least Jon Snow knows how to wield a sword.Mhysa - a queen with a growing list titles and an even bigger list of reasons to take her seriously.She then locks up her dragons (which she never even took out btw they broke out by themselves loses Drogon and is lost again.I left out so much too typing this now i can still think of ways shes fucked up situations for everyone.