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# - My children's love of la go card promo code their wooden train set sparked my own latent interest in trains.# - When it was time to get her up from her nap, we would open the door a crack and ask, "Is there a baby in here?" That was her cue to smile and perk up, because we were about to "rescue" her.# 230 on Monday April 25, 2016 at 12:00.m. .# - Josh was visibly upset when I returned him from some of these early visits.# - Ken's and Nora's coffins were mounted on the floor in front of the church, head-to-head.# - She drew me a picture of a pig one day.# - One of my saddest memories of the kids came about on a Monday afternoon in autumn.# - Once they began eating solid food, the fun really began.# - On Thursday morning, I drove to Foxboro Baptist Church to meet with the funeral director.
# 18, 12:36 PM Registered User Join Date: Aug 2011 Posts: 4 I have a 300 wm so that's my choice.# - Wednesday, December 21: this was the day I visited Nora's house from 5:00 until the twins went to bed, then took Abigail out for a little extra time with Daddy.# - Josh still wasn't talking, but he was getting goonier.# - My relationship with Abigail was going so well, it was tempting to ignore the fact that my marriage and my relationships with Sarah and Rachel were going downhill fast.# - Nora and I began taking the twins to various specialists, trying to find out what the problem was.# - One of my daddy chores was taking the kids for a walk after work.# - We took the kids to Lake Winnipesaukee once more that summer.# - My daughter broke my heart one day.# - Abigail's physical growth proceeded in very much the normal way, except that she remained big for her age.