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You will save yourself about 12-13 on single day lift tickets by going this route.(Find out how to use this Whistler Edge Card perk to ski the entire length of your next Whistler vacation for only.) 10-Day Edge Cards must be pre-purchased.Click here to learn more about these discounted whistler ski tickets.So, what are you waiting for?Second, although there is a 7-Eleven located right in Whistler, for obvious reasons they do not sell discounted Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets.The second way is to purchase your lift tickets from your accommodation provider after (or at the same time) that you book your lodging.My two boys and me skiing Blackcomb at the end of May In fact, if you live in Canada or Washington State clothing sweepstakes 2017 (and hence qualify for a Whistler Edge Card) with a little creative vacation planning you could ski every other year in Whistler for.
Preconditions: Official proof of family identity.
Do you have to pre-purchase an Edge Card before you arrive in Whistler in order to receive a discount?
Now before you start getting ready to order your "five" lift tickets from Ski Canada, there is a bit of a catch.From the third child in a family, further children* and adolescents* ski for free (the purchase of an adult season ticket is not required)!These package deals are offered by third party travel sites, Whistler resort sites and by the hotel sites themselves.Don't worry, as I mentioned above there is a easy way to sort through all of these options and end up with the right tickets for your situation.The tickets are sold in packs.Purchase Your Tickets At A 7-Eleven Store In Vancouver Or Squamish* One of the best (and easiest) ways to save money on Whistler lift tickets is to stop in to a 7-Eleven convenience store in either Vancouver or Squamish (which is located halfway between Vancouver.Treating your Mom to a little apr├Ęs-ski at the Garibaldi Lift.We offer discounts on, and for Whistler Blackcomb, Canada.Here comes the next chair, or is that a gondola?