Its a smart strategy.
Okay #10006, steps 1, open the Lyft app.
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Why do some coupon sites list 100 promo megabus discount code 2017 codes?All Lyft codes are for new users only, Groupons included.Signing up for Lyft with a promo code When you get a text with a sign-up link for Lyft or click a friend's referral link online (on Facebook for example the promo code is automatically applied to your Lyft account.If thats the case, input my working promo code.Is there really a 50 Lyft promo code?Youre better sticking with driver codes like my working code doug1682.It's a business ride : Currently, ride credits can't be used on Business Profile rides because your employer typically reimburses you for these rides.Lyft gives you only one chance to get fee credit from a promo code.
Open the Lyft app.Create an account and login.Flat Fares allow you to pay a set amount for rides up to a certain amount (this might look like 5 for a ride up to 10) and then pay for any additional overages.Here are the most common reasons a promo code wasn't applied to your ride: Its expired : Most codes expire on a certain date.Not bad for just using the driver platform!I may receive a bonus from Lyft if you use my promo code.It's near a " icon toward the bottom of the menu.Follow these steps to get there: Open the Lyft app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner.

View any active promotions on your account.