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The shows I want to watch.The nice thing is, with a magazine subscription, you don't have to wait in line at the grocery store or local bookstore to get.quot;: Originally Posted by longnecker, with schedules available on line and the the channel guide on my cable I certainly would not pay for a magazine.If you want all the latest celebrity news delivered to your mailbox, then a discount Us Weekly magazine subscription may be a good choice for you.Where I used to live, I was able to subscribe to Comcast, and although they aren't perfect by any means, they do have a great onscreen guide that is user friendly and easily navigable, so it's not like I'm unable to use a decently designed.For those who don't have the time to go running around to find their magazine, this is one of the easiest ways to get it at a much cheaper price.And their weekly ratings chart lets me know if my favorite shows are in the top.What you describe sounds awesome, I wish that was available!, 04:01 PM westhou, location: Houston 6,846 posts, wine and cheese christmas gifts read 12,392,242 times, reputation: 5771.M has tv listings on their website and I use that when I don't feel like scrolling., 01:48 PM, location: Wisconsin 2,600 posts, steam gift card giant eagle read 1,487,276 times, reputation: 7651.Only the channels I watch.
With schedules available on line and the the channel guide on my cable I certainly would not pay for a magazine., 03:45 PM, location: Wisconsin 2,600 posts, read 1,487,276 times, reputation: 7651.
As I said, I have a difficult and frustrating time navigating the onscreen guide.While there are other magazines out there covering movies, television, and music nobody else covers it all like Entertainment Weekly does in one magazine.However, for me it's not as good as having something in my hand that I can look at and circle what I want to watch.My HP Printer has apps that you can subscribe to for free and you'll get printouts on what ever schedule you choose.Often when you order from the magazine, they do give you a cheaper rate than list price.(If I circled what I wanted to watch on m, my laptop would end up with red marks all over.), 02:26 PM Pikantari Location: NoVa 18,434 posts, read 28,516,023 times Reputation: 19578 Nah.