He thinks the scandals are so great, he wrote a book predicting Mr Trump's impeachment.
This is a man who dispensed with Rudy Giuliani crowned Time Magazines 2001 Person of Year as a man with nothing to warren james discount voucher say but a noun, a verb, and 9/11.
We dont have a playbook like them Republicans.
Mr Trump won despite getting almost three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.But he says things aren't looking good for the president, with a lack of significant achievements and "scandals piling up although the economy is currently a positive.In the left corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, standing at 6 feet tall, the winner of two vice-presidential belts, with one Iowa caucus loss and one presidential primary disqualification, the Scranton Stallion: Joooooe Biden!Senator Bernie Sanders hosted an online town hall on inequality, which attracted nearly 2 million live viewers.Most Democrats were unconvinced.Five experts - and a bookmaker - have their say.The memory of how Trump brazenly used misogynistic language to dispatch Hillary Clinton still burns.If we were going to market again, tomorrow or next week, we'd probably be closer to 50-50." Trump has been strong on terrorism in the last few days, and on other topics that resonate with his core supporters, he says.
"But if Democrats gain power they will try to reverse these incredible gains, these are historic gains, they will try and reverse many of them, Trump said.
It looks like a long shot - but it was a long shot for him to win in the first place." So - in a hypothetical election against Hillary - who would he put his money on?
In todays GOP, which is the presidents plaything, he is the mainstream.New York Times reported that Ryan seemed disconcerted by the sheer blowhard intensity."On election day last year, Trump went in as a 4/1 underdog he says.Yet while Americans who feel that Trump is harming the country can be leery of any survey that seems like good news for their side, the same voters might be too quick to believe numbers that look good for Trump but which upon closer scrutiny.And 90 in-party support is not unusual in recent presidential cycles.Biden brought to the night, and the Guardian headlined, Joe Bidens alpha-male display leaves Paul Ryan overwhelmed."If you look at his approval rating, it's abysmal he says.However, no one could possibly think Biden would get discombobulated at Trumps juvenile nonsense.But to insist that candidates shouldnt treat the campaign like a schoolyard brawl is to deny the reality that one of the candidates is going to make sure that it is one.

Normally, facing an incumbent president perpetually stuck at around 40 percent approval would not induce much panic.
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Bidens retrograde machismo doesnt fit the progressive sensibilities of a Democratic Party that skews young and female.