Peeves only listens to a select few: Dumbledore; the Bloody Baron ; in the second book Nearly Headless Nick ; and in the fifth book, Fred and George Weasley.
Dementors are invisible to Muggles, but affect them otherwise identically.
In Goblet of Fire, it is pasupu kumkuma gift packets said that a House-elf who has been freed is normally told to find a new family to serve.HP5 Their society is loosely governed by a chief called a Gurg, who spends most of his time demanding food from his underlings.Hagrid's love for animals got him the teaching job for Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts.HPF Herpo made this discovery by hatching a chicken egg under a toad.Knowing the secrecy of wizard-kind has been compromised, Newt releases Frank from his suitcase and gives him a potion that has memory wiping properties.The Sphinxes are capable of human speech and are good at giving riddles, puzzles, and enigmas.Behaviour, they are dangerously violent and incredibly aggressive, and they engage in unpredictable behaviour, comparable to giants.
Chameleon Ghoul a ghoul that can disguise itself as an everyday object to evade detection.
When student Tom Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort, opened the chamber, the basilisk killed Moaning Myrtle and hid in the chamber for 50 years, until Riddle's memory (and Horcrux) opened the chamber again by possessing Ginny Weasley.
In 12 Grimmauld Place there is also a ghoul in "an upstairs bathroom".I was afraid of death.After Dumbledore's death in Half-Blood Prince, Fawkes is heard singing a lament, and thereafter is not seen again.Kreacher appears in the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, voiced by Timothy Bateson.6 The forest troll has pale-green skin and straggly hair.The basilisk itself flees only from the crowing of a rooster, which if heard by the basilisk is fatal, and the weasel whose odour will also kill a basilisk.