RecordLocator String Y The unique identifier for the booking RetrievedDateUtc TicketMailingAddress The mailing address for the booked ticket, if available.
StartPostalCode string The starting address for the booking.
UserFirstName string The first name of the passenger.FlightNumber string Y The flight number for the booking.Max Length: 256 StartCity string The starting city of the booking.Element Name Data Type TripLink Description Amount watch gift quotes for boyfriend Decimal The total amount for the rate for the booking.US US Rent a Car VR Specialty Van WC West Coast ZH Simply Wheelz NU Nu Car Rentals EY Economy Rent a Car Unknown Car Vendor ZM Zoom Rent a Car ZD Budget ZE Hertz ZL National AU Austrian DR DER Travel Svcs EN Vip.Format: Ten digit number.Format: yyyy-MM-DDThh:mm:ss Vendor String The vendor for the booking charge.ParkingLocationId string The location of the parking booking.PassPrograms List of Pass Programs for this booking.EndAddress2 string The ending address for the booking.
EndAddress string The ending address of the booking.
Notes string Additional details about the booking.
Maximum length: 80 StartCity string The restaurant address.StartDateLocal dateTime Y The starting date of travel for this segment, in the local time of to the starting point.TripLink Travel Suppliers, can post bookings for their travel type.DailyRate decimal Average per day rate for the hotel.RouteRestrictCode string The code to restrict the route of the booking.AirlineTicket Elements Element Name Data Type TripLink Description AddCollectAmount decimal AccountingLine string BaseFare decimal BaseFareCurrency string BaseFareNuc decimal BaseFareNucCurrency string ComparisonFare decimal ComparisonFareCurrency string DateCreatedUtc dateTime DateModifiedUtc dateTime Endorsements string InvoiceNumber string IssueDateTime dateTime IssueDateTimeUTC dateTime IssuingIataAgencyNumber integer IssuingPseudoCity string LinearFareConstructor string MasterTicketNumber string NameReference.For information about the child elements of AirlineTicket, see the AirlineTicket Elements table later on this page.