Friends and Family vabf18 599 October 9, 2016 None (shortened intro) The Town vabf17 600 October 16, 2016 In a couch gag named, "Planet of nottingham forest gifts the Couches the Simpsons are being chased by couches through a field, until they are caught and imprisoned.
Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4 vabf07 588 February 21, 2016 The Simpsons are a football team, Bart passes Maggie to Homer, who jumps the couch and breaks the wall behind it, scoring a point.
Note: This episode does have the normal intro, but its part of the episode.In the 20 portraits, they all look the same." Dangers on a Train " rabf17 # Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code 531 September 29, 2013 Just as it's seen in Season 11's " E-I-E-I-D'oh " and Season 22's " Elementary School Musical the couch is roped off, this time in honor of the.He sees the Fit Dog Heaven but God sends him to Fat Dog Hell where a signs says free pizza.Marge opens his pod but he comes out as bones.The remaining family members sit on the couch except for Homer, who falls through the wall and yells D'oh!
" The Strong Arms of the Ma " eabf04 301 February 9, 2003 A giant baby picks up doll versions of the Simpson family and plays with them.
22 For 30 wabf10 614 March 19, 2017 Most of the Simpson family's pets are seen on the couch, including Santa's Little Helper, Snowball V, Santa's Little Helper's puppies,.
Nothing happens, so Lisa then asks directly to the viewers, "What, can't we sit on the couch without something happening?" Homer then gets impaled by a spear and yells, "D'oh!" " Midnight Rx " fabf16 342 January 30, 2005 The living room is a desert.Dangerous Curves kabf18 426 November 16, 2008 The Simpsons rush to the couch in 79 AD, and Mount Vesuvius explodes and covers them in ash." D'oh-in' in the Wind " aabf02 210 November 22, 1998 The family sits." mabf01 450 January 3, 2010 Homer is standing on a coiled platform, which launches him (and the rest of the Simpson family) through a pinball game called "Couch Gag Chaos".Unfortunately, Homer is now unconscious as he floats in the pool.When Homer gets an incoming call from.

" The Scorpion's Tale " nabf08 480 March 13, 2011 The Simpsons sit on the couch.
Burns then presents this to Homer as his raise, to which Homer says, "D'oh!".