So thanks to inflation it is alternative wedding gift list ideas worth less and for non-European riders the Euro has fallen 20 against the US dollar since last summer.
Theres also a team prize with 2,800 awarded each day to the leading team on the overall, as calculated by the best three riders overall.There are other pots of money available in the race: 350 a day to whoever wears the yellow jersey, 300 for the other jersey holders 25,000 for the final winner mother of the bride gift ideas martha stewart of the green and polka dot jerseys 20,000 for the final winner of the white.Payment is usually made a month after the race and the funds are shared by the teams with differing formulas although the idea is to share the money with everyone on the squad, including support staff.Salary Increases After a Tour de France Win Endorsements and prize money arent the only source of Tour de France riches.The other Tour de France winners are shown in the table below.And should a squad make it to Paris with seven or more riders they stand to collect an additional 1,600 bonus for each rider the have left.Click here to renew.Thats because the prize money is a relatively low 550,000 for a first place finisher.
Tour de France money for a first place finisher can come in the form of a future salary of over 1,500,000 or 1,665,000 from the cyclists team.
Join our mission to become a, maverick Insider.Asking for the total amount of Tour de France money a winner will receive is a bit of a loaded question.As of 7/17/16, the Tour De France has completed stage.Tour de France Money Tour de France Cyclist Winnings (Euro) USD equivalent (1:1.1) 2006 Oscar Pereiro 450,000 495,000 2007 Alberto Contador 450,000 495,000 2008 Carlos Sastre 450,000 495,000 2009 Alberto Contador 450,000 495,000 2010 Alberto Contador 450,000 495,000 2011 Cadel Evans 450,000 495,000 2012 Bradley.Alberto Contador won three times, landing nearly.5 million in prize money, plus an annual salary of about.5 million and endorsement contracts worth an estimated 3 million every year.Each day theres 8,000 for the stage winner, 4,000 for second place and a decreasing scale down to a modest 200 for 20th place.Teams and sponsors will offer millions to hire the services of a Tour winner.The most combative prize is awarded and worth 2,000 each day, the Super combative prize is awarded in Paris and the winner collects 20,000.Looking at endorsements first, the table below shows earnings estimates for five Tour de France winners from the past ten years.

Total Tour de France Money Past 10 Years Year Total Prize Money (Euros) USD equivalent (1:1.1) 2007 3,200,000 3,520,200,000 3,520,200,000 3,520,200,000 3,520,500,000 3,850,414,246 3,755,023,300 2,225,035,000 2,238,030,150 2,233,295,850 2,525,435 Related: How Much Money Do Pro Golfers Make?
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Note the accumulation of micro payments.