There is nothing wrong with being creative with gifts, such as babysitting for children from a promotion code for amc tickets previous marriage or adding extra money for the honeymoon.
Or are there good solutions that the happy couple will love, never knowing how cheap your wedding present was?Don't repeat the gift you gave either of the people for their first marriage.It's always better to give them something they want and can use than something they'll only pull out when you visit.If that gets too expensive for you, some nice candles with a note about the romantic dinners they'll enjoy together will work well also.Tie a note to the bottle saying that it is meant to be shared on their 10th or 20th wedding anniversary.It also shows your support of their new life together.Most couples will have registered for presents that span many price ranges.If they havent, consider a gift card to their favorite restaurant or event you know they will both enjoy.If they are going to a beach on their honeymoon, a beach blanket, some sunscreen, and a frisbee packaged in a low-cost bag can be a thoughtful and fun gift.By Nina Callaway, updated 10/02/18, going to a wedding seems to mean automatically spending a lot of money - from travel and transportation to what you will wear.Generosity is still in order.
This is a brand new relationship with a couple trying to get a fresh start in life. .
Remember, we're told Kim gets AT least as much as Ray J, though we don't know exactly how much.If so, what is appropriate to give?Hardware store gift card, personalized barbecue set, personalized stemware.Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas, take a few kitchen gadgets, serving spoons, or a few gourmet ingredients.If the couple has children from a previous marriage, you may want to include a family gift, such as a gift card for dinner out at a family style restaurant, tickets to a theme park, or a gift basket filled with foods and family activities.Chances are, their household is already set.Don't bring up the first wedding during the ceremony or reception, even if something funny or interesting happened.

Exclusive, it may be the most awesome wedding gift of all time.
You might choose a homemaking magazine like Real Simple or Good Housekeeping, a crowd-pleaser like National Geographic, or a magazine that is particular to their interests.
You might even throw in a few votive candles to make the gift extra romantic.