Perfect for office gift discount service company exchanges.
Fortunately, the internet is chockfull of unusual products for sale, if only you know where to look.ABC Cookie Cutters, aBC stands for Already Been Chewed, in case youre wondering.Its a perfect symbol of holiday tackiness, which makes this mug a perfect item for a gift swap.Instead, I recommend you focus on finding something that's just as entertaining to see opened as it is useful (if not more so).Roberta Jeeves Roberta Jeeves is author of the book White Elephant Gift Exchange: Rules, Themes, and Ideas for Hosting a Perfect Holiday Gift Swap.Hipster Santa Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit Hipster Santa Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit.98 Shop Now Why a hipster Santa?The game even comes with little pink ping-pong balls!Given how popular Snickers bars are, you can count on this 1-pound monster being a popular item.
Someecards Uncensored Assorted Coasters, someecards.A Christmas Story Mug, next to Youll shoot your eye out, kid, the most memorable thing about the movie.When that holiday party invite pops up in your inboxand you learn that there's a game of white elephant in storedon't get too caught up in trying to pick out something that everyone who's invited would actually want.This People of Walmart boxed calendar (based on the popular website) is funny enough to stand out from the crowd.Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Coffee Mug.50 Shop Now Another mug you can't go wrong with, especially if you're in a crowd that's artsy (or, let's be honest, old) enough to appreciate the Bob Ross reference.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 16 A Luxurious Candle That Everyone Will Fight Over Diptyque,.00 shop NOW There's always at least ONE nice (and maybe a little pricey) gift at these exchanges, and this Diptyque candle is totally it.Great stress relief for when you start to get testy.High Heel Tape Dispenser, when you think of funny or exciting gifts, a tape dispenser probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind.Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Coffee Mug.