It smells like a green gown or robe, silky and diaphanous.
By far and hands down the old navy promo code reddit best dry down in expedia discount code jan 2018 a perfume, i've ever encountered.
I always receive compliments on it even form the pastor and his wife.
This is a luxurious and lavish floral fragrance tinctured with incense, patchouli leaves, benzoin, amber and spices.No sugar floss, no white musk, no patchouly, no vanilla, no praliné.It's supposed to have an ylang ylang but I didn't get a heavy ylang.It has been reformulated for sure: I have an original bottle from the late 90's and a new one.They are 100 percent alike at the first spritz and in those notes that reach your nose first.Because so many of us have smelled Shalimar we immediately get caught into the conflict of Emeraude VS Shalimar.This is more about the feelings it brings, the invisible wardrobe and how the material feels on your skin.It is very floral.The patchouli is the dominant accord in the dry down stage.
But to my nasal detection the citruses almost immediately embrace rose wood.
The set includes one 15 oz Organic Olive Oil Liquid Soap and one 15 oz Goat's Milk Shea Butter Lotion (Paraben-free).
This is not called Emeraude for nothing.Tommy opens with a strong, bubbly, fizzing note, almost burning.This is an aromatic patchouli doused with incense.Like the other reviewers have so imaginatively described it: a Hindu fragrance, a priestess in a temple smoky with incense, a night jasmine garden.Today I think it has became somewhat classic, very pleasant and wearable.Very representative of the light perfumes of the late 90's, and with an undenieable American quality: classic elegance, practical sense, modern, yet traditional, solid values.Recently, I have rediscovered it, and came to truly apreciate this little gem.