Sipdiscount software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.
Fring, phone to Phone: You can now choose to make your.Sipdiscount website for more informations.As soon as you pick it up, we will dial the other number and you can start talking.Proxy server : m, outbound proxy server : leave empty.Area Code: This feature allows the user to dial local numbers without having to use international and regional code.Account name : your sipdiscount username.To setup a call, sipdiscount will first dial your phone number.
Look for more details.It may also possible to schedule your text messages or send an SMS to multiple recipients.Best deals, the voip rate information available on this site, including free calls, was automatically retrieved from the websites of the providers.Local Access Number: Local Access Number allows the user to make Call-by-Call earthturns promo code calls with.In the website of, sipdiscount you will find the access number for your region.Sipdiscount using any SIP compatible device (router, phone, fax etc) without needing a computer.SIP port : 5060, registrar :.Sipdiscount call on your home or mobile phone.