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More salesin our mobile app, we working with 2018.Client agreement, privacy Policy.Receive 20 Off coupon.# 27 Danny Wang 03:17 AM link edit Kansas protects winners' privacy, belk clinique gift with purchase 2018 too.# 4 Dawn Nettles 06:50 PM link edit I really wonder about why people would go through so much work to find out who won.# 28 Patricia 07:07 PM link edit I want to know what the policy is in KY concerning powerball winners, and thier identity.# 180 bev h 04:31 PM link edit Fascinating.# 174 Debbie Hall 11:57 AM link edit Its cute that most of the people that have commented are more concerned about if theiridentity will remain secret once they win.# 3 Bryan Price 02:39 PM link edit Trust information is public information and can be obtained from the Secretary of State.# :14 PM link edit I believe here in Calif if you win you can request that your name not be used.
# 112 New Wife 07:13 PM link edit There's no way you could protect a financial windfall from becoming a factor in your husband's child support.
# 74 Smart Moe 01:16 AM link edit Wow Moe, you're really insightful.# :00 PM link edit I am a financial advisor and planner that has helped previous lottery winners Here are some things to consider why it is important to stay private about winning the lottery and avoid, Sudden Wealth Syndrome.# 1, brian Carnell 07:26 PM link edit, first, it turns out that at least one state allows individual lottery winners to remain anonymous - Delaware.# 20 Lawrence 12:27 PM link edit My parents won the lotto in 2003 they were in a group of 6 that won and the same thing happened they made a trust 1) to be anonymous and 2) so each person pays the right amount.# 116 New Wife 01:24 PM link edit If you won claim the mone in a trust for the "kid(s with payments made out to yourself and an account for the child when 18 they collect.# 167 Weath Diva 08:23 PM link edit Wow.# :07 AM link edit Btw, of all the major 'big' winners (powerball).# :00 AM link edit don't let any one know you won the lottery.# :21 AM link edit #180 How long does your money have to remain in a trust before cashing in on it?

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# 103 Personalized Gifts 05:43 AM link edit Privacy, privacy, privacy!