Repeat all the way around. .
Bend end of longer piece into a gifts for beer snobs hook, and attach the star from the ribbon on a gift or hang as an ornament on a tree.I started by figuring out how large I wanted each ribbon loop, and then cut my two rolls of ribbon to that size. .How to Make the Candy Cane Mice.I am a great believer in that kids should be making as many as their gifts as possible.Funny Newspaper, use our newspaper generator to make a funny newspaper article about how your dad (or grandad) is Santa's closest relative :-).Need a fun, easy-to-make project that will keep the kids busy?
Cut around clothespin with a craft knife to trim excess paper.
Though these Gifts Kids Can Make focus a little on Christmas, they are also perfect for Mothers Day Gifts or Birthday Gifts to family and friends.
As for the trim wrapped trees, for those I raided my box of trim.Make them a poster celebrating your family's particular Christmas traditions.Choose patterned paper larger than the envelope (or stick mismatched pieces together with glue).Lovely clay leaf magnets, easy Clay Pinch Pots, newspaper Swirl Frames.Slip a bead over ribbon's ends; knot.Using a hole punch, make a hole at each end, and then neatly write your guests' names on the ovals with black ink.Photography: Maura McEvoy, wonderful things come in small packages.

I didnt do anything fancy at the top, but you could attach a star or small ornament if you wish.