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I've twice seen them tumble and keyhole and be unable to stay on paper or steel at over 700 yards from.308's.
The end result is that at it stays supersonic to 1000 yards and while it's still down to 1400 fps at just over 800 yards, it does not have the same degree of transonic instability and is much more accurate at 1000 yards than the.In the lower weights the 300 win is superior in terms of velocity and I am curious to know why they are so close in velocity in the 168 grain weights?I'm a big fan of the 30-06 and the 300 H H (properly loaded the 300s have a substantial edge I suppose, but I would put more importance on bullet construction than caliber in this thread.When Kevin Thomas was still at Sierra he explained that the bullet was originally designed for 300 meter International rifle and that it turned out also to shoot well at 600 yards for High Power matches was a bonus.Please ring us on Powder and Primers are own collection only* Over the next day or two we are upgrading the site, so it might behave a little strange at times.4831, 7828 and 100V would give better performance in the 300.The velocities is measured at 78 feet (26 yards) from the muzzle.Stepping back a year, the first instance where I encountered the issue was at Gunsite in a Precision Rifle class.
After reading a lot of load data for the two cartridges, as I have and reload for.30-'06 and usually compare it to the other.30 caliber cartridges that are available, I've determined, and this is just my opinion, that the advantage the.300 Win Mag has.
This site uses cookies.Even as a young man I detested the recoil and muzzle blast of a 300 Win Mag.Due to UK Firearm legislation change's we are now able to ship expanding projectiles.It took.03 seconds to build this page Questions or comments?Bottom line, if your lot of M852 (or any other ammunition) is old and you don't know its storage history, you want to watch out for high pressure signs.You'd expect, actually, a fixed Mach number, since that's what the drag coefficient depends on, but even that doesn't seem to be constant under differing conditions.

DO NOT attempt TO duplicate THE described loads without first working them up from a published safe starting level charge while watching for pressure signs.
They have an annoying tendency to become unstable at around 1400 fps, particularly in a side wind of any significance.
But I think another point I should have brought up before makes the exact numbers moot.