Building an app is an insane process, especially when you are doing things that very few have done before.
They were so excited about solving lifestyle markets coupon code clues and actually finding real treasure, and we knew we had started something special.
Welcome to the world of, seek.
Seek Adventure App plans to take things a step further.Seek began as a physical treasure hunt under a different name, attracting people to come out and search for prizes like a bunch of modernized pirates.With Seek's launch, treasure is now everywhere, it's just a matter of downloading the app and setting out on an adventure.What inspired its creation?There are a lot of different levels of prizes, and they are only going to get bigger as we have more users and can afford to go floor and decor outlet coupon code bigger.For example, Times Square has a GoalZero Chest and a Blendtec Chest, waiting with exclusive discounts and the opportunity to win free product from their respective companies for those that download the app to go find them.I hop on my ba holidays promotion code phone, download the app, and now the adventure begins.Its like PokemónGo, but instead of winning pretend animals you can actually find and win cash, rewards and gift cards.1 of 2, when opening the app, Seek users can use the on-screen map to find digital treasure chests filled with prizes.We hope to hit 50,000,000 downloads this year, while providing an incredible experience to all of these users!PokemonGO was very similar to our app idea, except that it added in augmented reality.
Just like, pokémon Go, Seek uses geo-location based gaming to engage users with their phones and the real world.
Initially launched in Utah, the app is now available across the US and in 52 countries.Tap on the chest, and it opens up, revealing the prizes within.I am already a Hellofresh customer.Not a lot - but hey I'm lazy and don't get out and really do the "legwork" that it would require.FYI a week of meals is approx 80 before discount.One of my old friends reached out and said that he might already have some of what we were trying to build for Seek.

Once selected, users will need to use their phone to look around for the chest using a radar.