Make Jar Stand-Up Jar Lid Picture Frames.
If your bank account balance limits the amount you can spend on a gift, then jewelry and other pricey presents are out of the question.
Show her you really care by giving something thoughtful and unique.
Kids enjoy seeing small photos of their friends and relatives framed by a craft they've made.Run your pencil halfway around the saucer, as shown in Picture One.Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - - Use up those puzzle pieces and create a unique picture frame.Bubble Frame : Crafts with Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces for Kids - - Here's a fun and creative way to frame one of those classic bubble bath shots!Look at the picture above to see how to do this.Then fold the other 2 sides in to the middle and crease.In this way, you will get even curves for your frame.Star Photo Frame And Card - - Perfect for Grandparent's Day or Father's Day, you can make just one star photo frame or a whole galaxy!Place your favorite photo in this frame for a perfect present Spirograph Paper Plate Picture Frame Arts and Crafts Project - This project ends up looking remarkably like the spirograph pictures we used to make when I was young.
Doily Drawing Frame : Doily Crafts Ideas for Kids - Follow in the footsteps of Horace Pippin, an African-American painter.
Now you have a wall hanging that your girl is proud to display and point out to her friends.Great for camps, sports or school events, reunions, or parties.Poke 2 holes through the photo and the top of the lid.Photo Cube With Pizzazz - Decorate a plastic photo cube with Crayola Squeezables 3-D Paint and your favorite photos, drawings, and mementoes.Cut a piece of card stock or construction paper that is about 3" x 12" long.Shell love that youve planned 12 thoughtful dates, and you buy yourself some time to save up for each one.Makes a great gift for Mom and Dad especially if your photo is in it!Puzzle Picture Frame Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects indianapolis children's museum gift shop with Puzzles - - Any type of picture frame will work but ones with a flat frame work the best (it's tough to glue things onto curved frames).Snowflake Picture Frame - What a cool gift with sparkling snowflakes!

Cut along the outline which you have drawn.
Paste or sew the end in place so that it will not unwind.
Sea Life Poem Craft - - Use sticky back foamies to decorate to make sea life frame adorned with wiggle eyes.