Still, how did they know there would be a support act?
He must have his fans in said Mrs.
Recognised as one of the countrys leading regional producing venues and named Regional Theatre of the Year by the inaugural Stage 100 Awards in 2010, Royal Derngates acclaimed seasons of Made In Northampton work have included Young America (Northampton and National Theatre, London) and Festival.
You can see the dates for the rest of the tour here and if youre local and want to support Billy Lockett on his hometown headline show (alas were already committed elsewhere that night) the details are here.ATG Theatre Vouchers, the perfect gift idea from the UK's largest theatre group.I checked the R D website earlier in the day and the whole theatre was pretty much a sell-out.Royal Derngate, Northampton is the main venue for arts and entertainment in Northamptonshire, welcoming more than 250,000 show attenders every year for a diverse programme of drama, music, dance, and comedy.With a fantastic line up, including the remarkable vocals of Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall along with Beth Rowley, and a set list that reaches back through the decades; its sure to be a real party of a performance- youll struggle to stay in your.And so, in homage to the bards great flare for fatality, the UKs leading physical comedy company, Spymonkey, have decided to perform all seventy-five of Shakespeares death scenes in one outrageously entertaining performance.The combination of the two eminent buildings reflects the nature of the theatre as one that both exudes heritage and pioneers in the field of production.
And, do you know what?
The other songs were all new to us, but I have to say, they blew us away with their beauty, their fun, and their style.On our way out Mrs C personally thanked one of the ushers for attempting to stop what she described as one of her pet irritations.Then this edgewalk discount 2017 scruffy young chap ambled on, picked up a guitar, looked at us in surprise as if he didnt expect an audience to be there, and quietly said hi Im Billy Lockett and started to play us a song.We arrived and did our usual trick of ordering a couple of Chenin Blancs to take into the show and another couple for the interval but we were told they were not accepting interval orders that night because they werent sure how long it would.No wonder the queue to buy his CD was so long.The Royal Derngate Theatre in Northampton is Northamptonshires foremost venue for arts and entertainment; last year welcoming over 300,000 theatre goers through its doors.Frankly, he looked a bit of a pillock.

Jools Holland and His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.