purchase with gift card

It is not possible to replenish fixed value gift cards.
What happens if I make a purchase with my gift cards or gift certificates and it food basics gift card balance check doesnt exhaust the total denomination placed on these?
A maxima gift card can be used by its bearer only in maxima shops located in Latvia.Terms of use of maxima gift card:.What should I do if my maxima gift card is past its expiration date and I could not (forgot) to use up its balance?You can replenish this card until it reaches its expiration date.Each time when purchasing something in maxima for more than 1EUR, paying for it with maxima gift card and showing the loyalty program's Paldies tesco immigrant vouchers card to cashier, you will accumulate 1 of the grand total of your purchase on your Paldies card.One maxima currency unit is worth 0,01EUR (1 euro cent).When your request is received, it will be processed and the payment will be cancelled.A new gift card with the cancelled amount will then be issued.Frequently asked questions: Where it is possible to purchase maxima gift card/-s?Please enter your card number again.
2) You can use multiple gift cards for payment.
However, replenishable card can be replenished until its expiration date by: -an individual (buyer, bearer) who pays an amount from 1EUR to 1000EUR directly at maxima cash desk; -a legal person by sending an application to or by calling and at the end by paying.
If it is technically not possible, employee will contact the main responsible person for gift cards at SIA maxima Latvija's office and will find out the card's balance and expiration date (during working hours each working day from 8:00 till 17:00) and will inform you.Q: Can I use one gift card on multiple devices?Many of the local merchants will simply give you cash back as long as the cash owed does not exceed more than a few dollars.When buying a maxima gift card, is the maxima loyalty program Paldies valid?Some users write the value left on the back of the card using a Sharpie marker and track it that way. .What should I do in case maxima gift card is lost or stolen?It is not possible to retrieve gift card's balance after its expiration date.1) 'The card has expired.A: Successfully purchased content cannot be refunded or cancelled.

If a production defect is found, the gift card will be exchanged to a new one free of charge and any balance left will also be transferred.
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Contact the responsible employee: turn to the senior cashier, shift manager or store manager in maxima X shops and to the information desk employee in maxima XX and XXX e responsible employee of the shop will check the card's balance and expiration date at the.