5-digit, required, permitted for bundles and sacks.
Sacks must be labeled using the following information for Lines 1 and 2 and 207.21.0 for other sack label criteria.5.1.8 Final Authorization At the end of the 90-day interim authorization, if the mailers program meets all applicable standards, Business Mailer Support prepares a detailed authorization for the mailer to follow in preparing combined mailings.Trays and bundles in a copalletized vance outdoors coupon code mailing qualify for the appropriate presort level price, regardless of the pallet level on which they are placed.Mailpieces and bundles must also be prepared as follows: Bundles for all FSS schemes must be identified as an FSS scheme presort with an optional endorsement line under 203.7.0, or when authorized, using a red Label 5 SCH barcoded league of legends 2015 season rewards pressure-sensitive bundle label.For parcels, use this preparation only for irregular parcels in sacks or Marketing parcels prepared as Product Samples in carrier route bundles, sacks or cartons.For Periodicals, postage is paid at a valid original entry or additional entry Post Office serving the mailers plant, unless an alternative postage payment method is authorized.22.4.4 General Postage Adjustment Factor Verification The Postage Adjustment Factor (PAF) is a method to apply an error rate determined from handheld scanner samplings to the entire population of mailings within a calendar month.The service agreement contains provisions regarding mailer and usps responsibilities.17.5 Parcel Select and Package Services pvds Option.5.1 General Standards Under this option, in addition to the individual postage statements required for each Parcel Select or Package Services mailing, the mailer may be required to submit postage statement registers and consolidated postage statements for.
Any such requirements are modified to reflect changes in the mailings subsequently presented by the mailer.Line 2: PER or news as applicable, followed by flts or irreg as applicable, followed by CR-RTS.Each page of the manifest must show cumulative postage totals.16.7.7 Sufficient Volume Two or more mailings, which independently have sufficient volume to require destination vehicles to be prepared, must meet these standards when combined: For First-Class Mail, if there is enough mail for the same ADC service area to fill 60 or more.Mailers must not consolidate firm bundles with other bundles to the same 5-digit destination.

Line 2: psvc mach NDC, as applicable.
8.5.3 Minimum Load The following minimum load standards apply to mail prepared on pallets: For Periodicals, usps Marketing Mail, Parcel Select, and Package Services (except for Parcel Select mailed at dscf and DDU prices In a single mailing, the minimum load per pallet is 250.