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Laura Hanly, Laura Hanly Content Marketing Agency For us, the clarity of communication in terms of when things were assigned, what the deadlines were, and how we were progressing during the project were the most important.
Carlos Franco, Watchuwant, Inc Our communication had improved.
Rebecca Doshi, aaas We've replaced using emails to manage and collaborate on our projects.
Ryan Salts, Break Fast Launch The project we're about to complete the first managed win chevy com nascar through Basecamp 3 is the smoothest client work we've done.So I can quickly see where the volume of our time is being spent.Michael Spurling, First Link Printing Real time updates, shorter communications, but more clarity on progress.Anwar Ishak, 1000heads We are organized and free to get things done.Dale Claiborne, Valley Christian Center Our internal development process has improved markedly.With Basecamp, everything is focuses.Kendrick McCleskey, El Casa Management Goals and tasks are reviewed and updated on a timely basis and it is really positive to here others ask for help!Now I assign a to-do and they can get it down when it fits into their schedule.
Georges Majerus, Tritone Studios Less slacking, ease of access for important files, events were all there and there was less trouble with people thrifty com discount code being present at them.
John Proffitt, Affiliated IT More efficient team meetings with files and schedules already coordinated in advance.Lisa Doucet, Sardine Productions We've been able to take in more projects for our clients.Monte Young, nola Church I no longer have to wonder whether I've asked for something to be done or whether it has in fact been done.Working with our Asia team has never been so good.Spider McKnight, Six Pony Hitch We have become much more effective at planning, doing, and following up with meetings.Scot Evans, University of Miami Eliminate the paper trail of projects.As a principal, it helps me to equally distribute tasks.Rakshit Kalra, ReScreen, Pvt.Andrea Helmbolt, Zendesk For me, it's replaced a lot gift card balance check kohls of the email clutter and the ad-hoc to-do lists that I scribbled on notepads, sticky notes, and in my browser.Dave Sick, Brand Breadcrumbs We are able to have so many different plates in the air at the same time with lots of people sharing different tasks and deadlines.