Released in netflix christmas gift 2003 and manufactured by Scientific Toys.
Pixelated figurine of a Koopa Paratroopa.
The Dungeon Master games came with a lengthy prose story in the manual.
The République Contraband Edition includes a collector's box, manifesto, and soundtrack.A boardgame based on the Donkey Kong arcade game.Flight of the Intruder, a flight sim about Vietnam-era Intruder-bombers, came with the book by the same name, by Stephen Coonts.Water toys edit Water toys are small containers that need water to be filled in order to play a game.For all the hardcore fans, it was US30 very well spent!It was a roughly 1:1 scale replica of the Mini-Nuke weapons from the game, and pressing the radioactivity symbol causes it to play a standard "bomb drop" sound followed by the series normal "Experience earned" sound effect.The Lunar series of games for the Playstation offered substantial feelies, including hardcover 70-page instruction manuals, cloth maps, the soundtrack, and a replica of a pendant worn by the second game's heroine.Edition" includes pasties, shot glasses, playing cards, movie mountain america jerky coupon code cards, and a poster.The Limited Collector's Edition includes all that plus statues of both the Master Chief and Spartan Locke.The Halo 3 Legendary Edition came with all the bonus features of the deluxe edition, plus a mock-up of Master Chief's helmetthough not a wearable one.Vulnerabilities) on the other.
The complete look fantastic gifts collection of Mario toys from Wendy's, 2002.Gross (designer of the "No-Ghost" logo).The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty collectors edition comes with a making of DVD, soundtrack CD, hardcover art book, and a USB thumb drive made to look like a dogtag (made of real metal, and it lights up when you plug it in) containing the.Along with in-game items, the collection contained an art book, a cloth map of the game's world, a sticker with the expansion pack's logo, and a small statue figure of the Big Bad.One version of the movie The Indian in the Cupboard on VHS came with a plastic Indian figurine, a plastic key and a 'keyhole' molded into the side of the VHS case.The booklet for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box has the Molentary Express ticket stapled inside.

Given the size of the manual, one could easily mistake it for a strategy guide.