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The garnet hill discount code 2016 next time I recharged using My Optus app I was surprised that I needed to re-enter my credit card details.
Once activated you will need to enter the security code printed on the eftpos card and your mobile number.
No, unfortunately this communication can't be switched off.Can I choose the frequency of my AutoRecharge?AutoRecharge lets you set and forget, so you don't have to worry about heading instore to buy a voucher.Editing includes - frequency of days, credit card details and recharge amount, but does not include editing your email address.Is a low balance option available on AutoRecharge?Does my first recharge need to occur at the same time as setting up an AutoRecharge?
No, even in the instance of a change of ownership, you'll still need to cancel your AutoRecharge.
Unfortunately AutoRecharge is not available for all recharge price points.If you set up AutoRecharge in the My Optus app, you can only get communication via SMS.If I recharge in-between AutoRecharge cycles, will it push out my next AutoRecharge by another 28 days?At /recharge, if you selected "Set Up AutoRecharge" you can choose to start your AutoRecharge on a date within the next 30 days.If akamuti coupon code I stop using my SIM will my AutoRecharge be automatically cancelled?You'll need to cancel your AutoRecharge and set it up again.What is AutoRecharge and why should I get it?AutoRecharges set up in the My Optus app will commence when your current recharge expires.If you have selected "Set Up AutoRecharge" you can set it up to start on a future date.

I just set up an AutoRecharge and selected email as my communication preference.
Manual recharges will not push out the date your next AutoRecharge is processed and only rollover balances will be maintained.
How can I change the email address I receive notification to?