But, unfortunately, our cultures emphasis on independence and individualism often leads us to minimize the very real interdependencies that exist, including our potential to be positively and unalterably influenced by another human being.
Craig and Jeff have both done decades of intensive spiritual practice that has given them each a solid grounding in the mystery of being.
Additionally, in modern life, most of us have few opportunities for the profound and regular reactivation we truly need to stabilize our awakening.
Pillars of Profound Spiritual Practice, gives us the courage and strength to deeply embrace reality as it is and transcend our unconscious habits clearly contacts usa coupon code of existential struggle and resistance.For others, it may require decades to achieve stability.The monthly retreats in this program give you the opportunity to experience the repeated reactivation that you need to live a life of freedom and illumination.Binge-watch entire new seasons before they air on TV father's day beer gifts uk and stream the klru Passport-exclusive.In the great wisdom traditions, this activation was often referred to as transmission or initiation and it has always been considered an essential component of any path to awakening.The activation that will occur on these retreats will not be limited to what Craig and Jeff bring into the field, but will include contributions from each.Most of us know deep hello molly coupon code 2014 down that we benefit in tangible and life-changing ways from spiritual activation.The second way activation will take place in this program is through a mysterious transmission of deep inner faith and conviction in the reality of our true nature.
Jamestown, season One now!This subtle transmission of the truth of wholeness can occur in dialogue and in silence, but however it occurs, it is always unmistakable in its illuminating power and immediacy.When such a person also has the mysterious ability to activate our own innate awakened awareness they can reveal deeper dimensions of our own True Self.Donate Watch, learn More.Watch anytime, on any screen.