For example, you can setup a Workflow that evaluates whenever a user creates an account.
The first one will be detailed below cheap electronic gift ideas in the Application Integration section.
We also share learning across our global network for these fields, giving you a big added benefit.A non-zero status indicates an error.Labels API is no longer recommended for new customers.Once its clicked, Sift Science sends a webhook to your system so that you can cancel the order within your system.Sift can learn the different patterns of abuse you face.For example, a voice over IP (voip) business can create a custom event called make_call with custom fields that are relevant: / Sample make_call event "type" : "make_call "api_key" : "your_API_KEY "user_id" : "billy_jones_301 "recipient_user_id" : "marylee819 "call_duration" : 4428 import sift client ient your_API_KEY.Api_error_message # check for a label for a specific abuse type bad_user.Sifts Risk Scores are generated in real-time in response to whatever data has been sent.We have two types of events: Reserved events are events are sent in a standard format, allowing us to do lots of advanced analysis on the values sent.
When sending requests to the rest APIs, you can send both reserved star wars themed wedding gifts and custom data.
Possible Values user This Decision should be applied to users.
The map is keyed by abuse type, which could be one of: payment_abuse, account_abuse, content_abuse, promotion_abuse.This step is optional, but highly recommended.Category String Roughly categorizes the type of business action that this Decision represents.Time Integer Represents the time the event occurred in your system.Initialize the Sift instance Objective-C The SDK works in the background, so you have to initialize it when your app starts.You can only apply Decisions that are active and already configured for your account in the Decisions section in the Console.