For this reason, it comes in at number 8 on our list! .
When the clock starts, the player throws rex gift cards the ping pong ball at the ground, in an attempt to get it to bounce once and then land on the bread.
Cookie face: This is a great game to kick off the party because all of the players can compete at the same time (or you can break it down into several rounds of game play).
Using only one hand, have the player pull all of the tissues out of the box (one at a time!) in under one minute.The index cards are then placed on the table next to the player.Have the players try to keep both balloons in the air for 1 minute.Wed love to see this one attempted relay-style with large groups competing, with the active player being switched as soon as the card sticks into the watermelon. .Tips to Master the Challenge: Its essential to aim correctly so that once the ping pong ball bounces, it lands on the peanut butter bread correctly.What You Need: 1 Banana 2 Oranges (or other round fruit) Hula Hoop String How to Play: Tie the string to the banana and make sure its secure.Have the player pick each bag up with his/her mouth and put it on the table.Kids love this one because they get to make a mess on purpose and potentially win at the same time!Have the player unroll both rolls completely in under a minute using only his/her arms and hands.Its intense, exciting and requires a lot of coordination and agility.
Blindfold the individual and hand him/her a spoon.Make sure the tabs are gone from the cans, as they can throw the plates off balance and prevent you from winning the challenge.Give everyone one minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.While it looks easy, it is actually pretty difficult, so players who are overconfident could easily blow it!Click here to read the Nimble Thimble full review and see the game being played.

When the clock starts, the player will turn over the first cup and retrieve the candy from under.
Give the player some rubber bands and have him/her shoot the rubber bands at the toilet paper roll to break the paper.
This is a great game thats perfect for children and adults, and an exciting addition to game night! .