lush easter gift sets

Whats not to love?
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 10 NEW: Chocolate Lip Scrub With dark choc, cocoa absolute, cocoa powder, tangerine and sweet orange oils packed into this sugary lip scrub, it's everything you chocolate lovers have been waiting for.
Uplifting mandarin and neroli oils meet calming rose oil from Turkey to create a light, sunny fragrance that lingers on the skin, spreading smiles near and far.
Want to create your very own Lushious Easter gift?Journey to the violet end of the rainbow with.Carrot gift is a multicolored, oversized carrot thats filled to the brim with fresh and energetic Easter inventions, including the gift-exclusive key rewards cash back Spring Bunny Bath Bomb!Lush says: "Send a sugar rush to your smackersand scrub all over for a perfectly polished pout.Lush says: "Need a little recharging?Weve made this clumsy character into a bath bomb, ready to take a tumble into your tub instead!
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The golden eggs tata harper promo code 2018 is packed with a Chick N Mix bath bomb, a Which Came First?(Spots) bath bomb, a Golden Eggbath bomb melt, AND a ChocolateEaster Egg soap.Makesure to chick everywhere.".Golden egg gift set, Lush,.95 (Picture: Lush) This wondrous gift set contains four of Lushs Easter goodies, including a free rangers bath bomb, a glittery egg, a cream egg and a which came first?Energizing grapefruit and lemon oils and fair trade vanilla absolute from Uganda create a comforting chocolate-citrus perfume, a perfect complement to its delicate pink waters.(Picture: Lush in case you hadnt noticed, its currently.This ones great and contains detoxifying carrot and cleansing lemon oils, with cleansing cider vinegar and delicious lemon myrtle.Dry these and store somewhere safe (and dry) to be used again and again.Theyre cute and cleansing and dont come in wasteful, horrible packaging, so you can be your environmentally friendly and squeaky clean self.Lush says: "This super-sized sparkler will fizz it's own psychedelic path in your bath, leaving behind an intoxicatingly saccharine scent on skin." oxford Street and Lush Kitchen exclusive).

You're sure to be jumping for joy whencleansing fresh carrot infusion and carrageenan extract revealsyour velveteen skin.".
Crumble this generously-sized bubbler into the tub to sink into deep purple waters, a comforting blanket of foam and an evocative violet flower and ylang ylang perfume.