I done told you road life ain't what it might seem.
My road darg kill him, he's in prison with the lifers.
Lord Your love is a friend to its enemies.
Hope will rise again.G Am, it's never proven by words alone.Listen to my voice can you hear my pain?Where I'm from we do wrong for the right green.Lay down in a dark room, hope it goes away.You just might find this life isn't what you hoped for.The truth is you die or sit down no sofa.These cold nights got us slipping like an ice rink.Lay down your weapons, fuck rapping.Lay down your burdens, Mother, so I am no longer your worry.Lay down sanctions for violations of national clinique happy gift pack legislation and establish mechanisms for implementation.
Friends turn snitch I know you heard about Spider.
Lay down fire to cut the road in all directions.
F Am G, it's a treasure we can never earn.G Am, it's not a fist it's a hand wide open.Lay down your shovel, Sam.Verse 1: C, lord Your love builds bridges that cannot be burned.You're tearing down walls.No nice dreams just fiends and sirens.

Lay down and let it roll all over you.
Lay down your arms, you'll be allowed to live.
Capo 2, am:x02210 C:x32010, em:022000 F:133211 (barre) G:320003, intro:.