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Spst - Single Pole Single Throw (switch) spurs - Spurious Signals - Undesired signals and frequencies in the output of a transmitter.
The existence of the ionosphere is first discovered by the English physicist, Appelton in 1924.Still used in the.Mars operators are licensed under DOD.Detection - Synchronous detection is an ingenious method of processing an AM signal to improve audio quality and reduce interference from adjacent stations.Downlink - Channel used for satellite-to-earth communications.We can't log you in!"CW" A2 (Alpha-2) Status: write up non-mission-critical system A2A Modulated CW telegraphy for aural copy,.e.Many cells were needed for a high voltage supply.Rtty - radio teletype - A form of digital communications.PIC - PIC is a family the gift 2017 movie of Harvard architecture microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology, derived from the PIC1640 originally developed by General Instrument's Microelectronics Division.RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada, a national amateur radio organization in Canada - See leagues races - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service - See Emergency Pages radio check - query from a station desiring a report on his stations signal strength and audio quality.
Cross-band : the process of transmitting on one band and receiving on another.
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation.
#2, canceled Check File : This is one small step towards organization. .D Bi - Decibels above or below an isotropic antenna.Controller : (Repeater Term) the control system within a repeater - usually includes turning the repeater on-off, timing transmissions, sending the identification signal, controlling the auto patch and ctcss encoder/decoder.Also used as feedback from a linear amplifier back to the exciter to prevent overdriving.#3, make Your Own Box, yet another step closer to mastering organization. .(It is okay to let a coupon expire by the way, you will probably get another very soon and it really means that they item never came on a great sale).Utility stations - Stations other than broadcast, or amateur stations; these stations are not intended to be heard by the public.See Repeater Operation r epeater directory - an annual arrl publication that lists repeaters in the US, Canada and other areas.Dollar bill sent along with a QSL card (instead of an IRC) to offset postage costs of a return card.