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These are unusual as paperweights yet perfect as childrens gifts or nauticalia.
436 34 flannels voucher code 2015 from Amazon » This, unbelievably, is exactly what the name suggests, a mini desktop cannon that fires standard BBs.They are sitting to be placed on the edge of shelves.If ordering more than one item, you can mix and match this with the starfish pebble paperweight below.Or maybe you just need some new catapult- and slingshot-shaped desktop toys.Some companies invest in oil, others in property or gold.Not sure how Buddha would feel about people co-opting his peaceful name and beads of spiritual exploration and meditation to make a necklace for booker prize 2003 whacking an attacker upside the head.Please specify if you want a male or female bather and please only select 'One of each' if you are ordering two items!
Pair of Striped Deck Chairs - DK5119.
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Stands aptly on a pebble!150 cms by 200 cms Available in blue and white only.99 each.00 for 2 Bamboo Wind Chime These survive pleasantly well outside in the elements and the lovely 'wood on wood' knocking sound will surely also be enjoyed by four neighbours.Direct Importers of all our Italian Ceramics.The hanging dancing mermaids are available in pink, purple, blue or white and would look good in a nautically themed nursery.Wingspan is 12 inches and length of seagull is 8 inches.A "tongue in cheek" seaside line and these do of course shape around a shelf, like our sitting fishermen, so can reside anywhere where a drawer doesn't slam to knock them off their perch.

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We see them being used as paperweights or standing in twos and threes as a small display feauture.