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It will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
Pop some popcorn, load your favorite movie, and magnify your smartphone up to eight times its original size.
Piper starts at 239.(Photo: Piper story Highlights.
The 3Doodler pen lets you get a touch of that same magic for a much less bank-busting price.Flexible phone mount with Bluetooth camera remote winds around trees, fences, poles, and can act like a tripod, too.The perfect gadget gift, at 149.Romo iPhone robot allows you to chat face-to-face with friends.It's a dog's life, and it's.95.(White wall not included.).Find it: Jawbone.Whistle activity monitor tracks dogs, singtrix Karaoke Machine uses professional vocal effects.
The Coravin System starts at 299. .
Enjoy a rare bottle of wine for years, rather than having to go all-in by opening it in the traditional manner.
Follow her on Twitter: @JenniferJolly.Find It:.Connectcommentemailmore, when it comes to innovative gadgets the real game changer gifts this year touch off a whole new world of automation, creation even imagination.A cyclist's dream come true, zizzi vegan voucher for 279.Smartphone Lens Set; 99, they say the best camera you own is the one you carry with you.The 3Doodler pen starts. .

Find it: Photojojo.
The Helios Bars start at 279. .