Among Internet Retailers top 100 ecommerce websites, 87 send welcome emails, and 49 percent of those brands send more than one.
Its also worth noting that 3 out of 4 email subscribers expect to see a welcome email after subscribing.
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By the way: Those are confirmation emails, not welcome emails.The CTA should be totally on brand.Prompt subscribers to take the next steps in their journey, whether thats creating an account, completing a download, starting a purchase or whatever your strategic goals are.Think about taking your welcome email program up one more notch.You successfully created an account.Track email behavior right away to ward off inactivity Heres how you keep subscribers from morphing into Zombies: Dont wait months or years before putting them into a reactivation program.Given the stats weve seen so far, I hope we can all agree that sending a welcome email is a no-brainer.Soundest, showing what welcome emails can deliver:.7 open rate (compared.8 on promo emails).7 click rate (compared.8 on promo emails) 1 conversion rate (compared.17 on promo emails) 61 cents revenue per email (compared to 10 cents on promo.Hosquet Lodge, an attractive, eco-friendly little b b with just six rooms with oak floors and natural linen fabrics, Hoquet Lodge is situated 100m from the slopes.Segment your new subscribers, and see whos opening and clicking and who isnt.At this point, discount knife block sets you might be thinking, You dont need to sell me on welcome emails.
Resend the welcome email to anyone that didnt open or click your first few emails or send a follow-up message asking if theyre having problems with the email or site.Rooms are remarkably spacious, many with their own sitting rooms, and theres a giant wellness area.Rename your welcome email to reflect the outcome you want Secretly, you want your welcome email to do more than welcome subscribers.Speaking of MailChimp, in the Email Gallery below you will see how two BigCommerce customers improved on MailChimps serviceable but ho-hum welcome email format.Its true that a default welcome email is better than none.A roaring log fire in the lobby sets the scene.Ask the subscriber to do something It doesnt have to be a big ask.Revenue per email can go up.36 on optimized emails.Yes, ps4 vouchers tesco even more important than all the broadcast, targeted on the grind gift card and triggered messages combined.