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# - In good weather, the place to take the kids was one of several town parks and playgrounds.
# - On Tuesday, the immediate family members met at the funeral home in Wrentham.
# - Josh had to have a buzz-cut every seven or eight weeks, because his hair grew so fast and because Nora liked it short (it was easier to shampoo).# - My relationship with Abigail was going so well, it was tempting to ignore the fact that my marriage and my relationships with Sarah and Rachel were going downhill fast.# PAu.S.# - My children's love of their wooden train set sparked my own latent interest in trains.# - My daughter broke human proof designs discount code my heart one day.# - When we went shopping in department stores, Nora would often hand Abigail a toy to keep her busy.

# - Ken's and Nora's coffins were mounted on the floor in front of the church, head-to-head.
# - John and Monique bought a mobile home and moved out during 1988.
# - One afternoon in November, Abigail called me at work.