Click at upper left to take a screen shot of the computer, to provide a schematic map showing the city.
1, upon arriving malmaison brunch voucher on Zomberry Island, run left until you see a school bus and the Fort Savini Tunnel.
The storyline was probably created due to the popularity of horror movies featuring undead creatures.Climb up onto the building then on to the wire with the lanterns.You must take a beaker of concentrated antidote to 3 pipes that supply the city water.Click on the levers.For a longer, more-detailed version, see the Related Question below.To the left of the steering wheel will be a button labeled lights.After you get the camera, go to Chinatown's Karaoke Bar.73 G Crate When you get inside there will be a big guy that looks like Big Blue in the Members Only Items for Zomberry Island.
Inside, go to the large.
Now, use the crane/machine to pick up the bottom right beam.
Use your flash to drive off the large zombie inside, to reach the pile of blueberries.The city of Eastman is named for Kevin Eastman, artist for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and co-executive producer of the upcoming UK film "Zombie Apocalypse.".Tilt the wrecker bed and use the car helium writing contests keys to enter the car it is carrying.Click the phone, it goes into your items.1st pump- Jump over the first ledge, step onto a pipe and turn the valve, it shoots you up, now run right and you will reach the first water pump.14) Equip the camera to help you stun zombies with its flash.Click the trash can and dig through it to get the Valley Rain soda label.

38) Climb down to enter the container, which unfortunately contains a huge guy who is now a zombie.
Jump up the building where the black rectangle.