how to load an apple gift card

You have plenty of choices when it comes to where to redeem your iTunes gift card.
Type in the promo code or iTunes gift card number in the text field and click redeem in the top right corner.
How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance.
Under Passes, select the iTunes Pass.Keep them close; theyre valuable and can be redeemed by whoever finds them.Neither the issuer nor Apple is responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards or use without your permission.Now youre ready to spend that gift card in any of the iPhone app stores.It's also possible that you've already redeemed your iTunes gift card and simply want to check the remaining balance.Gift cards will remain active even if added to the Wallet app on your iOS device.But there nhs discount laptop are two ways that you can add money to your iTunes account: With iTunes Pass in your Wallet on iPhone, you can go to a physical Apple Store and get a Specialist to scan the QR code on your iTunes Pass.
Well also cover how you can add money to your iTunes Pass for use in all the same stores as listed above.
Have you ever redeemed a iTunes gift card?Use of a gift card is governed by the laws of the State of Virginia.Technically, there are three different Apple gift cards: hers & hers gifts iTunes gift card, Apple Music gift card, and Apple Store gift card. New subscribers only.Gifts cards for the Apple Store can only be used to buy Apple hardware and accessories, while the Apple Music Membership gift card can be used ah, you guessed itan Apple Music membership.Were saving how to redeem an iTunes gift card for part three, but we want to show you how to add your iTunes gift card to Wallet on iPhone first.Youll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password.It will also now show up in your Wallet via your iTunes refunds or exchanges (except as required by law).That way you can easily check your remaining iTunes balance.

Open the App Store.
When you are ready to make a purchase, the amount due will automatically be deducted from your iTunes balance.
To redeem an iTunes gift card sent by email on iPhone: Open the Mail app and open the email with your gifted iTunes card.