how to cut shower door sweep

Photo 11: Attach the sweep, push the sweep down against the threshold and drive the screws.
This allows easy repositioning if it slides around during installation of the jambs.
Then measure and cut the bottom to length (Photo 3).
1, step One / How to Install a Shower Door.10 Step Ten / How to Install a Shower Door Attach Drip Rail Pull the thin vinyl sweep out of the drip rail and set it aside.Ask to see a catalog at your local hardware store and order through the store if possible.However, older doors were made without integral weather stripping and it must be added.You can usually slide out the old door weather stripping and push or slide new vinyl or foam weather strips into the grooves in the door or the surrounding frame.Make precise measurements and cuts so you get nice, airtight fits (Photos 2 and 3).You can usually find the types of door weather stripping shown here at well-stocked hardware stores and home centers.
Shower seal strip is an innovative concept that shut the gap between the shower panels.
Also, apply silicone along the inside edges of both the right- and left-side jambs.
A shower door sweep or a door wipe is a sealing strip profile snapped onto bruised boutique promo code the bottom edge of a swinging shower door.Nails into the wood flange and position the weatherstripping so the entire length of the foam seals against the door.To install a glass side panel, slip the remaining jamb onto one of the panel's edges and the magnetic strike rail onto the other.Maintaining an airtight seal on your doors is essential for stopping cold drafts and keeping your home comfortable.Round off the ends of the cut with a file.Remove the jamb from the rail.Drive the finish nails home.Photo 2: Measure the jamb, close the door and measure the top of the frame from side to side.With the vinyl sweep pointing down, hold the drip rail against the inside bottom edge of the door.To prevent those repair bills coming unannounced, the smart solution is to apply shower door seals to the glass.