You dont need to wait for the card to arrive once youve been approved and paid up with NUS, you can discount build specials start shopping online straight away.
What is Apple Student Discount?
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On the 28th July the Apple link disappeared from the NUS website, but Ive just looked again and it works again!Ive listed them all in the article below.If you've got any comments on how we can make it even better, please add them to our articles feedback thread.Sign up to the Be Clever With Your Cash email list.Teachers and students can save hundreds on Apple laptops, tablets, and music services, in addition to getting free products with purchases.When you buy an iMac or iPad Pro with your student discount before 2nd October 2018 youll also get a free pair of Beats Solo 3 Wireless.My splurges are restricted to nice meals out and travelling though even then Ill have made sure I get the best possible value and spend within my budget.To be eligible, you need to be a university student or teacher.Let us know in the comments.How to get the Apple Education discount.Students studying in participating higher education institutions also qualify for an extended three-year warranty and one year Apple Care telephone support.
As a student, it's easy to yearn a gift for him to remember me by for a life beyond the monotony of classes, papers, and tests.
If you are connected to your campus network, then you can go on to the.
Then you buy an NUS card, which costs.Even if you dont want them can sell them on eBay.There's Madewell and ew, Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium, and one major company that rarely offers savings: Apple.Here are some guide prices, correct as of November 2013.Article by TSR User on Monday).If you do not wish to provide your data to UNidays, please use the alternative options above to verify your status.Yes, youve got to lay out 16, but youll get that back easily on your Apple saving, not to mention everywhere else you can use.Theyre worth around 250!Cash hacks: How to get an NUS student discount card, even when youre not a student.