Be prepared to exchange a modest gift with your business colleagues at the first meeting.
The leader invites the Chinese to do the same.
Make sure the Chinese side uses "simplified" characters and not "classical" characters, which are used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.Invite everyone with whom you win rewards online have dealt.Be prepared to make a small toast for all occasions.The senior Chinese person welcomes everyone.Home New Posting Cultural Etiquette, china, the People, deeply rooted in Chinese society is the need to belong and conform to a unit, whether the family, a political party or customized corporate gifts hyderabad an organization.The first toast normally occurs during or after the first course, not before.A signed contract is not binding and does not mean negotiations will end.Businesswomen attend business dinners, but rarely bring their spouses.Asking about divorce would cause a Chinese person to lose face.Negotiating teams may have women members.
Allow the host to begin eating before joining.Seating is very important.They may say "maybe" or "we'll see" in order to save face.Meeting and Greeting, shake hands upon meeting.Slacks and open-necked shirts are generally suitable in the summer for business meetings; jackets and ties are not necessary.Attempt to change your request, allowing the Chinese to save face.Always arrive exactly on time for a banquet.

Never point with your index finger.
Tapping your chopsticks on the table is considered very rude.
Gifts Present a gift with both hands.