Even if you are caught or make mistakes, you will still get the "Silent Assassin" rank as long as you kill Sanchez with your bare-hands dressed as "The Patriot".
Kingslayer: You fulfilled Birdie's eliterepublik coupon code contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown.Competitive Spirit: personalized golf towels gifts Create a contract competition.Damage Control: Contain a situation gone bad.If done correctly, the target will slowly walk to a certain spot, and an ice cream truck will speed by, hitting and killing the target.And I'll do it!At the start of the new area, go right, and walk straight until you see a dog cage.
In the "Hunter And Hunted" mission, look for a man waiting in a dead-end alley.
This is a reference to the Double Rainbow viral video.Self-improvement: Buy an upgrade.Hour of Reckoning: You caught up with Skurky.Contender: Participate in a contract competition.F*ing midgets ain't what you think!You can find Kane at the bar, standing in front of the Jukebox and smoking.