herb garden gift ideas

If youre crafty, sew a washable pocket caddy to tie around the outside of the bucket olympic lodge port angeles discount code add padding to the lid.
You can also buy some great potting stations online like warm home discount form this Weatherguard bench, which is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.Flower Seed Pockets, these handmade burlap seed pockets can be placed directly into the soil to provide a whole host of beautiful blooms all season long.To plant, just roll out the amount of tape needed onto soil or seed raising mix.If the person youre shopping for doesnt like to get their hands dirty, herb gardening isnt out of reach for them.And if youre loving these herb garden projects, be sure to stop back all week long to check out our other DIY gift ideas that are perfect for all the foodies in your life!And, its a big, big budget bonus if you can just snip a few leaves off your plant, instead of buying those expensive little plastic containers at the grocery store (and then only using a few pennies worth before the container gets thrown out).
It keeps larger tools like brushes, rakes, shovels, and spades safely stowed out of the way, yet within easy reach.Download your free printable DIY Seed Packet Template now!Sprout Herb Growing Pencils These fantastic #2 pencils are made from sustainably harvested cedar wood.Succulent Living Wall Art Not only are succulents practically immortal, they are beautiful and interesting to look at which is why this piece of living wall art makes a great gift.Many grocers give them send gift card via amazon away for free.Garden bucket caddy provides storage makes it easy to carry all your essentials when youre out in the garden with pockets for mobile phone, tools drink bottle.I would recommend either getting a small bag of potting mix or compact potting soil wafers, which are small disks that expand to create a nutrient-rich soil for your herbs.Its laminated, easy to use, works all over the world the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. This is such a quick and easy gift to make.

If youre looking for a classy herb planter that looks great in any kitchen or patio, this is the gift set for you.
This DIY garden trug fits perfectly over a wheelbarrow, and is roomy enough to store all the tools one will need while working in the garden.