Maybe you know a friend who is penciling in some marathon training for the upcoming year, or an outdoorsy weekend warrior who you can trust to find high up in the mountains.
If you know someone whos dishing out big money for the good stuff at Whole Foods, this gift is going to save them tons of cash over time.The light box mimics the effects of UV rays, and it can really help start the day right with more energy and a happier mood while also regulating your natural circadian rhythm.Give the gift that keeps on giving a speedy recovery!We all want to be that person who boasts about being done with the holiday shopping at Thanksgiving dinner, but the reality of it?It comes with a mat, strap, block, and towels.Hanging this up in the kitchen doorway is an easy way to work on your pull-up skills and overall strength with just a twinge of effort every time you hit the fridge.Immersion blender, you may wonder why someone might use an immersion blender when their kitchen is already stocked.No matter who youre buying for, theres a gift on this list for anyone who wants to eat, move, and live better.
Lisa Freedman, dec 15, 2016, share, pin.Static stretching can exacerbate athletic injuries or simply be ineffective, while foam rolling works out all the kinks in a gentle way.Bonus points: the houseguests will assume you can bust a few out, even if youre still working on getting there in the first place.Purchase the Instant Pot, a good spiralizer, we love our zoodles around here.Purchase the 7-piece personalized sweetest day gifts yoga starter kit Teeccino coffee alternative Yet another one of those healthy gifts in line with a common new years resolution: kicking caffeine to the curb.Purchase the doorway pull-up bar For the mindfulness guru You know your friend whos always sending you off with a Namaste, or your yoga teacher in training pal whos inviting you to the full moon ceremonies?Its an all-inclusive way to keep up on the quality of movement you rest and get on a daily basis with minimal effort on your part.

Yoga mat, block and strap Everyone must start somewhere, and gifts under the tree are a good place to begin, especially when its this handy-dandy yoga kit.
These present ideas are perfect for foodies, fitness freaks, and wellness warriors alike.