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Or, you can get a game that has one, peel of the little sticker, and guess what you find!
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# 2, brian Carnell 11:25 PM link edit, yeah, keeping lottery winners names secret is definately legal in Ohio.# :24 AM link edit Are there any advantages of forming a LLC instead of a Trust to collect you lottery winnings?Physical gift cards are sent for free via usps within 3-10 business days.# :48 AM link edit When I win (hee hee) and I plan on winning.# :16 PM link edit To the last comment- That is ridiculous.# 6 lorraine 09:18 AM link edit I know if I won, I wouldn't want my name all over the place for some crazy people, charities, churches, investment firms, etc., to hound me for money or want to sell me something.# 90 jvalentine88 09:09 AM link edit A friend of mine won the lotto 10 or 11 years ago (before cash option and set up a trust to manage the money rather than to remain anonymous.

# :14 PM link edit I believe here in Calif if you win you can request that your name not be used.
# :51 PM link edit A Blind Trust is most definently the way to go, but I noticed that that when claim information is published online for Mega Millions the name of the winning person or trust AND the name of the person who claims.
# :40 PM link edit If a state has a rule that you must claim the prize and your name become public, then you have to do that.